Affiliate Fundamentals

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What is an affiliate?
Affiliates are website or blog owners who place adverts on their website or blog on behalf of advertisers, or merchants. Website owners are said to be affiliated with the particular merchants they have chosen to represent. Affiliates usually choose the merchants they want to work with, and sometimes the merchants may choose the affiliate by contacting them directly or by using an advertising product such as Google Adsense. Some networks, such as Amazon's, call affiliates associates.
What is an advertiser?
An advertiser, or merchant, is somebody, most often a company, with a product or service which they wish to promote. Merchants can be physical shops with an online presence selling their wares, one of the new breed of online-only shops, companies who provide services such as web hosts, online gaming websites, or anybody with a website they wish to promote.
How do I become an affiliate?
In the early days of online marketing you could approach a merchant directly and ask about advertising their products or services on your website. These days the market is a little more complex and merchants have less time to spend dealing directly with affiliates. Similarly, affiliates don't have the time to seek out and approach individual merchants. This has led to the emergence of affiliate networks, which many retailers choose to join to help them promote their websites.
What is an affiliate network?
Affiliate networks are a meeting place for merchants and affiliates; an affiliate marketing hub of sorts. An average affiliate network may manage hundreds of merchants and have tens of thousands of affiliates, each with their own web presence, ideas and ideals. The majority of networks are completely free for affiliates (the money is made from the merchants) and will provide all of the tools, services and help necessary - for experts and novices alike - to join merchants, display adverts and earn money effectively.
Why become an affiliate?
The internet today provides a huge opportunity for website owners to earn a slice of the money floating around in the online marketing world. Becoming an affiliate is one of the main ways in which this is done. Merchants have websites which they wish to promote; affiliates have websites on which to promote these merchants. For the affiliate, it's really a win-win situation, with an abundance free affiliate networks and minimal effort required to join and promote the affiliate programmes they choose.
Where do I find merchants?
The majority of merchants these days choose to make their affiliate programmes available through affiliate networks. Most networks will provide you with an organised directory of merchants from which you can pick and choose. This website contains affiliate programmes across several well known UK affiliate networks, so we hope you find it the best place find high-quality merchants to promote.
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