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The Excel Pro affiliate programme

An urban myth says we only use 10% of our brains - the myth was debunked years ago but it's still true that we use very little of the powers of Excel! The Excel Pro Course is a unique 1-day course in advanced Excel for accountants & analysts - specifically designed to teach them the tricks of the trade and to automate processes, making results & analysis faster and more reliable.
The 'Bible' course for accountants & analysts wanting to add more value in their roles through Excel - its practical emphasis is guaranteed to increase the attendee's chances of securing employment or promotion in this field. Min 60% course time delegates work through examples themselves supervised by The Excel Pro, a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years experience of advanced Excel. Comprehensive & unique colour course manual is packed with 100's of useful tips & guidelines, and is unavailable elsewhere. Provides CPD fulfillment for professional accountants with certification. Max class sizes of just 5.

The Excel Pro website

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Type Commission Description
Sale 20.00% Offering 20% commission!

For those affiliates selling more than 5 places a month, commission per sale rises to 30% ie.£72.

Average basket value: £240!

We are currently discounting the price of a place on the course by over 50%, but in order to maintain profitability this means we need more bookings, hence the very generous percentage commission rewards on offer. Each sale will net our affiliates at least £48 at current sale prices.

PPC policy

No PPC restrictions apply to this programme.