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Unfortunately this affiliate programme is inactive and can't be joined at the moment.

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The Sky Bingo affiliate programme

Sky Bingo lets you play bingo online and connect with a great community of bingo players. Play bingo and make some new friends online or play one of our exciting casino-style games 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Join in the online chat with other bingo players from around the country and watch out for some great competitions to win a wide range of prizes.

To play at Sky Bingo you need to open a free account and register a debit card, credit card or e-wallet. You can then deposit into and withdraw from your account as your needs require. Any bingo stakes are deducted from your balance and your winnings are added back to it.

The Sky Bingo website

Visit Sky Bingo at


Type Commission Description
Sale £30.50 Sky Bingo welcomes all non-incentive affiliates to join and promote the programme and offers :

- Commission payout: £30.50
- £5 minimum deposit required
- Only new players to the Sky Bet / Vegas / Bingo / Poker group qualify for commission. If player is a member of any other Sky Bet company, then commission will not be paid.
Cashback sites are not allowed to join Sky bet programmes