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The Lenderise affiliate programme is a peer to peer Rental website (Think eBay for renting). Quite simply it allows people to make money by renting things they own to people in their local area. It also allows people to save money by renting the things they need instead of buying them.

The site allows people to rent out just about anything they want. However, we have a specific focus on campervans & motorhomes, dresses & accessories, wedding & party equipment and Instruments & equipment for musicians and DJs.

The site launched in late 2012 in Brighton & Hove and has grown steadily. In July 2013 we launched the Camper, Dress, Wedding and Mucic catagories and are seeing rapid growth in both listings and rentals.

We are interested in working with Affiliates who can help drive listings and rentals across all our categories. These could have a specific focus on the categories themselves or more general subjects such as money saving and green living.

The Lenderise website

Visit Lenderise at


Type Commission Description
Sale 35.00% We’re offering a commission of 35% of our Lenderise fee for all successful rentals through The Lenderise fee is 10% of the total rental price.

We have five categories all with their own bespoke creative and landing pages to maximize conversion.

- Campervans -
- Wedding equipment -
- Music making equipment -
- Party dresses -
- General -

If you think you can drive rentals for another category we currently don’t promote, we can set it up in 24 hours so just contact us. If you want any bespoke creative for emails etc. also contact us on

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