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The B&M Electronic Cigarettes affiliate programme

B&M provide a healthier and realistic alternative to cigarettes and cigars with our ingenious electronic devices which are completely free from tar, carbon monoxide and over 4000 other toxic chemicals that are found in tobacco smoke. Our E-Cigar is a Corona sized cigar, rechargeable and comes in 3 flavours. Our rechargeable electronic cigarettes are the same size as tobacco cigarettes, can be charged in the portable charging case and have six flavours of replaceable cartridges. Our refillable E.Cigarette the MaxVapour has 11 flavours to choose from and is available in standard size or as the MaxVapour Slim, both in 5 different colours. All our products have been designed from the outset to be more realistic, better flavoured, higher quality and also better value than other brands.

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Type Commission Description
Sale 20.00%

 B&M Electronic Cigarettes main programme 20% per sale

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